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FORB F-5 Golf Balls - Tour Quality Golf Balls

Designed for maximum driving distance and control, this tour quality golf ball is ideal for any golfer seeking to optimise their performance. The 4 piece layered professional golf ball features explosive PHSC technology for incredible distance. Available in packs of 3 or 12.

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FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls – The Best Balls For Serious Golfers


  • Casing: Urethane Cover - SCU Technology offers the ultimate in ball control
  • Outer Mantle: MOI boosting layer helps with putting and ball roll
  • Inner Mantle: Soft inner mantle helps with distance and control
  • Inner Core: Explosive PHSC technology for incredible distance

Pack Sizes:

  • Pack of 3 golf balls available
  • Pack of 12 golf balls available


  • 4 Piece Layered Performance
  • Tour quality FORBPro© cover gives you the best feel available
  • 338 dimples for incredible distance
  • 90 compression for ultimate control
  • Similar feel to the Titleist Pro V1 Balls

FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls – Premium Quality Golf Balls For The Serious Golfer

For those who live and breathe the sport, the FORB F-5 Golf Balls make for an essential addition to your golf bag. Expertly designed to professional specifications, the cutting-edge balls wouldn’t look out of place on the pristine course at Augusta. Manufactured to provide the feel, distance and control of balls used on the PGA Tour, the FORB F-5 will maximize your potential off the tee, fairway and green.

A four-piece golf ball with a urethane casing, the tour quality FORB F-5 provides optimum control during any stroke. Perfect for adding distance to your drives and shaving strokes off your handicap, the explosive PHSC inner core combined with a soft inner mantle boost your chances of reaching fairways and greens off the tee. Its surface features a bumper 338 dimples, allowing you to achieve ambitions of hitting remarkable distances.

Equipped to lock horns with established rivals such as the Titleist ProV1, Callaway Chrome Soft and Bridgestone’s Tour B330, the FORB F-5 is a ground-breaking golf ball which helps you play at your peak. Designed for ultimate performance on the course, this top of the range ball provides optimum distance and control, reducing spin off the tee so you can reach the fairway with ease.

As well as having a similar feel to the worlds most popular golf ball, the Titleist ProV1, the FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Ball has also been to match its drive distance. Available at a fraction of the cost, this is the best golf ball on the market, providing long-lasting and high value performance.

Golf Ball Ball Speed Spin Rate Height Carry Flight Total Distance
Bridgestone Tour B330 138.2 mph 2936.9 rpm 29.4 yd 208.4 yd 6.4s 219.3 yd
Callaway Chrome Soft 137.9 mph 2726.3 rpm 27.8 yd 205.8 yd 6.3s 224.2 yd
Nike RZN Black 139.4 mph 2883.9 rpm 30.9 yd 205.8 yd 6.3s 218.7 yd
Titleist ProV1X 139 mph 2924.4 rpm 30.3 yd 207.1 yd 6.4s 220.3 yd
Titleist ProV1 138.2 mph 2794.5 rpm 27.9 yd 206.8 yd 6.2s 222 yd
FORB F-5 139.6 mph 3015.2 rpm 30 yd 208.3 yd 6.5s 221.2 yd

(Tested against Bridgestone Tour B330, Callaway Chrome Soft, Nike RZN Black, Titleist ProV1 and Titleist ProV1X using a Golf Laboratories Inc. robot)

Our FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls have been taken out on the course by top 100 PGA golf coaching professional Jason Davies – and the verdict is in;

“The FORB F-5 responds really nicely off the club face around the green, gives me a nice spin control, but also gives a nice maximum distance so it doesn’t sacrifice that area. It’s an exciting ball to compete against the top balls on the market.”

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