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Who We Are

Fuelled by a devoted team of golf enthusiasts, FORB is more than just a name. FORB combines passion, knowledge and expert manufacturing to offer the definitive golf equipment service to players of all handicaps.

Providing Tour quality equipment at affordable prices is par for the course for FORB, with our enthusiastic workforce always on hand to ensure that your experience is a real hole in one. Choose FORB as your playing partner and take strides towards achieving your ambitions out on the course.

Whether you’re stepping out at St Andrews or enjoying a leisurely round at the local pitch ‘n putt, our wide array of golfing equipment will help you develop the necessary stroke technique to become the talk of the clubhouse. Much like a good caddie, you can put your faith in FORB to shave several strokes off your round.

Our primary objective is to provide casual golfers and PGA Pros alike with the key to unlock their desired handicap. Stray from bunkers and land on the green with the help of our rapidly expanding range of revolutionary golf products. With everything from clubhouse essentials to divot tools and tees on offer, FORB is your one stop golfing shop.

FORB’s exciting journey to the top is gathering steam with no sign of stopping. We keep our ears to the ground to follow trends which reverberate throughout the game with no stone left unturned in our never-ending pursuit for the latest and greatest golf equipment.

What We Do

Your success is at the forefront of our concerns, and we want you to excel in all golfing scenarios, whether you’re working on short strokes at home or unleashing green-seeking missiles on the course. FORB, much like golf itself, is for everyone from novices to seasoned veterans of the course. Align yourself with FORB and achieve your dreams.

Golf Balls

Already making waves in the golfing world, our FORB Golf Balls are guaranteed to turn heads out on the course. Our F-3 Ultra Precision Golf Balls and F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls are the centrepiece of FORB, having been painstakingly designed to provide unparalleled performance and distance off the tee. Given the seal of approval by top 100 PGA golf coaching professional Jason Davies, these premium golf balls are set to lock horns with household names such as Callaway and Titleist.

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Putting Mats

Cries of ‘get in the hole’ are the norm for all golfers who use the cutting-edge range of FORB Putting Mats. If the age-old adage that you drive for show and putt for dough is correct, then you’ll be raking it in with the pin-point putting accuracy presented by these mats. With everything from putt returners and dual-speed trainers to extra-large home putting mats to choose from, you can read the green all year round and ‘putt’ in the practice hours required to become a master of holing out.

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Driving Range Mats

FORB also ensures that you start off on the right foot with a plentiful selection of hitting mats. Teeing off with our compact Launch Pad before rising to the sizeable Pro Driving Range mat, FORB strive to produce practice environments which are evocative of varying course ratings. Bringing the PGA dream to your doorstep, the staggeringly realistic artificial turf of all FORB hitting mats feels just like the real thing.

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How We Got Here

Sprouting from the success story of Net World Sports, FORB has its finger pressed firmly on the pulse of the golfing world. Situated in a recently renovated vibrant office in the Wrexham Industrial Estate, Net World Sports’ insatiable appetite for success has led to a rapid rise to the top, as recognized by a starring role in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100. Ambition and drive are at the heart of Net World Sports, and these core values are reflected in the creation of FORB.

Born from the dream of a sports fanatic, this meteoric rise has taken Net World Sports out of our MD’s bedroom to the upper echelons of sports e-commerce, scooping up countless accolades along the way. Never content with sitting still, the dynamic nature of the company has already fashioned market-leading brands such as FORZA, Vermont and FORTRESS. FORB is the latest branch of this family tree.

For sheer speed of production and worldwide delivery, our bustling 120,000 square foot on-site warehouse places Net World Sports in a league of its own. Our aim is to provide expertly manufactured sporting equipment to all four corners of the globe, a goal which is facilitated by our lightning fast shipping service. A smoothly operating machine which never stops running, Net World Sports is number one for reliability and consistency.

A central hub for all things sports, Net World Sports is driven by the brainpower of a dedicated and informed team who are, above all else, fans. We share your passion for sport and your hunger to be the best. As the 2nd fastest growing business in Wales, we know what it takes to rise to the top, knowledge which we strive to impart through our helpful customer service which supplements our first-rate sporting products.